Saturday, July 1, 2017

Patio Set DIY Update

It's that time of year again. Our annual 4th of July party, and our patio set has seen better days. This year the hubs and I decided to do something about it. For a grand total of about $200 we extended the life of our current set by recovering the cushions and powder coating the table.

Our seat cushions were deteriorated and had been attacked by squirrels.


Thankfully i did some research and came across this amazing No Sew project from The V Spot blog. Be sure to check out her instructions here. So for $30 in fabric and $10 in hot glue sticks I recovered all six of my cushions for what would be the price of one pillow in the store.

I found this Waverly fabric at Walmart for only $4 a yard and used it to recover the cushions.

In addition to our pathetic cushions we had a new table surface put onto the table and powdered coated for $150. On the first day of owning the table the Kansas wind picked up the Umbrella and slammed it into the glass top and it shattered. For the last few years we have attempted to come up with some makeshift solutions however they never lasted. Hopefully the grating and powder coat gets us by for a few more years!