Thursday, March 19, 2015

Princess Dress Pull-Apart Cake

So this is my first attempt at making a Pull-Apart Cake. I made it for my nieces 7th birthday. To keep with a pink theme I used a new product by Duncan Hines - Pink Velvet Cake. I frosted the cake using a 1M frosting tip and Pilsbury Pink Funfetti frosting. The tiara and wand are form the $1 bins at Target and the diamond ribbon is from Hobby Lobby in the cake section.

Make Taking Bitter/Nasty Tasting Pills Easier to Swallow

Our family has a love hate relationship with Antibiotics. On one hand they get the job done on the other some of them just taste downright awful if they get stuck on your tongue. Enter my son who is a champion medicine taker. He has had multiple ear infections since he was a baby and every year we dread taking antibiotics. He has progressed to taking pills instead of the liquid meds which is helpful but some of the antibiotics he has taken still taste horrible. So this sent me on a mission to make taking bitter tasting pills easier.

The best method we have found is to actually cut the pill in half and take a small section of Fruit Rollup and wrap the pill in it. Trust me this is kid tested, mother approved. My son has even begged me to post this so other kids don't have to suffer - LOL.

Operation Candy Coated Pill to the Rescue

Step 1 - Cut the Pill in Half (Especially if it's a big horse pill)

Step 2 - Tear Off a Small Piece of Fruit Rollup and get Ready to Warp the Pill

Step 3 - Wrap the Pill and Easily Take it with No Gagging or Spitting it Back Up

That's it - simple fix and it tastes great. You might ask your Pharmacist before trying this method. Just in case it would mess with your pills delivery system but hopefully this method allows you to enjoy no drama pill taking.