Sunday, February 22, 2015

Spongebob Birthday Party

This is our rendition of a Spongebob Birthday Party. This post is a long time coming because this is actually my son's 5th Birthday Party. 

My Mom made the Homemade Sponge Bob Birthday Cake . She just printed a picture of Sponge Bob off of the internet and used that as her guide. The cake is just a regular box cake that she bought at the store. She used a 13x9 cake pan. All the details on the cake are made out of frosting. For most of the cake she used a star tip.

I also made some dreamsicle cupcake parfaits that I put into half pint canning jars. For the layers I used orange cream cheese frosting and marshmallow fluff. On the lids I printed out and cut Sponge Bob face stickers. In addition to the parfaits I made cup cakes with the orange cream cheese frosting. To frost them I just used a ziplock bag that I cut a hole in and I used sprinkles from his 4th birthday party. 

It was a great party and we even created a Sponge Bob piñata out of a cereal box and napkins. 

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