Saturday, January 31, 2015

Plants Vs. Zombies Birthday Party

So my son is obsessed with Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare and this year he wanted a party to show it. I attempted to recreate the lawn grid pattern from the original Plants Vs. Zombies on the table cloth. By cutting long strips and weaving them I created the grid pattern but it took forever - I wouldn't recommend it unless you have a ton of time. 

I created the center pieces by drilling a hole in the top of some old toy traffic cones we had laying around the house. I than printed out some zombies and attached them to Kabob sticks and stuck them in the traffic cones.  

This year was also my first attempt with using fondant. I used the fondant to craft all of the little figures and then my Mom helped frost everything into place.

Homemade pinata made from a cereal box and napkins.