Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Movement Break Backpack

The new school year brings much excitement but for special needs kids and their parents it can bring much anxiety. One thing we have learned to help our son fight anxiety at school is to have scheduled movement breaks through out the day. As we approach the new school year I decided to make my son's teacher a movement break backpack. I created a sheet that shows all the items in the back pack and what they are used for. In addition I created a dice game to facilitate the movement breaks. That way anyone, even if they are not trained in sensory therapy can help my son. 
Here is a link to a customizable excel file for the Backpack contents. Please feel free to use it.

Sensory/Movement Break Backpack Excel File
This is a fairly big file - 38mb

Sensory/Movement Break Backpack Printable pdf

Movement Break Dice Game

Here is the dice game I created for the backpack. I took 3 alphabet blocks that my son had when he was a baby and created a pictures for all the sides and glued them on to the blocks. You roll the 3 dice in the middle of the room the 1st dice tells you how to move to an area, the second dice tells you what to do once you get there and the third tell you how many times to do it and then you go back to the middle of the room and start over. 

Sensory/Movement Break Dice Game Printable pdf
The original idea for the dice comes from Here is her video on how it kind of works:

Note: This is not professional advice - I'm just a Mom trying to help her son make it in this world. A lot of the items in this backpack are geared toward Proprioceptive and Vestibular activities.