Sunday, August 5, 2012

Star Wars Jango Fett Birthday Party

This year for my sons 6th birthday he wanted a Jango Fett birthday party so I did my best to accommodate. Here's what we came up with.

I made some custom Jango Fett printables, added some wire too them, and inserted them into the balloon weights.

In the center of the table I just used the metallic filler in silver and black and cut up some wrapping paper ribbon to make confetti. I also had some wire the had metallic stars on it - I cut those off and placed it around the table to make it look like a nights sky.

For the Balloons I just used gift wrap ribbon and left some extra on each end and tied them together in a bunch. That way the ribbon would hang down when they were hanging from the ceiling. I added some star wire in the mix to jazz it up.

On the plates are light saber napkin and silverware holders. I got the idea from
Mikie M - Lightsaber Napkin Wraps - She has a free printable for the handle.

For the ceiling I cut up vinyl table clothes and hung them up with tacks.

This is our homemade pinata. I made it out of an empty cereal box and glue sticked on colored napkins that I cut in half and fringed.

My mom made this cake for my son using a cartoon picture of Jango Fett.
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